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Did you know...?

You can use your 1967 Camaro, 1968 Camaro or 1969 Camaro Factory Assembly Manual and open it up to any page and select a part using the GM part number, then enter it into the search feature on our website.  Example:  1969 Camaro brake line clip located in the 1969 Camaro Factory Assembly Manual under UPC 8 B2. Item #2 GM part# 3952717.  Place part number “3952717” into our search box and you will see all the parts or kits that contain that GM part number. The number mentioned above is 3/8 Blue brake or fuel line retainer clip.

If you do not already have a Camaro Factory Assembly Manual, we have the PDF files of these manuals for you right here on our site. Click here to download.

Please Note: If you are searching for an NOS GM Part, you can search any NOS part by GM Part # on our NOS and Rare Parts website.