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Ladies & Gentlemen,

First and foremost, Heartbeat City wants to remind everyone to be very careful and to error on the side of caution. We are well aware of the dire situation in many communities. Our community is no different.

Heartbeat City is still open for business. However, due to the unprecedented circumstances at this time, we are taking extreme measures and the precautions listed below to keep our employees safe, while accepting orders from our WEBSITE ONLY.

We are currently accepting orders and shipping daily. One of our managers is taking orders and answering questions on the phone from 8:00 AM-4:00 PM EST. Under no circumstances will anyone be permitted in our facility for any reason. There will be no "parking lot pick-ups" or packages slipped out the door for pick up orders.

In order to ensure absolute safety, we are sanitizing counters, carefully washing our hands, and using hand sanitizer for everyone's safety.

We are currently very well stocked with inventory and prepared to ship most any product as much as humanly possible, given our limited staff.

While some items or products may show available, it may be possible that we cannot supply a given item for a variety of reasons. In this case, we are happy to hold those orders or refund accordingly. We thank you for your patience and trust everyone will understand.

Be assured, Heartbeat City is following all State & Federal Laws and will continue to do so. The owner of our company is personally pulling your parts at night and the floor manager is working as customer service representative and general operations during the day.  At no time are any two people in the facility at the same time.

We realize these times are very difficult for everyone and we are doing our best to help you in any way that we can. While many states and counties are under quarantine, we understand that many of our clients would love to work on their car at their private residence.

For your convenience, we have extended the "Red Ticket Sale" and currently have not set an end date for this sale.

We wish you the very best and know that you will do the very best you can to keep you and your families safe.


James Edward Stubbings
President, Heartbeat City