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Hello Ladies & Gentlemen,
Heartbeat City Camaro has some good news and some bad news to share with you. First the good news! We are happy to announce Heartbeat City's Winter 2023 Sale. The "Red Ticket Sale". Order now through February 15th and receive the sale price on all items. No need for sale codes or passwords. This sale includes all items on the Heartbeat City Camaro website. The sale also INCLUDES items marked "NO FURTHER DISCOUNT".
Now for some bad news. Many parts suppliers have announced price increases starting in the middle of February. This will affect many items on the site. Take advantage of our sale and get your parts before those price adjustments. We expect some increased to PUI Interior, USA Seat foams, OER parts, The Right Stuff Detailing, Goodyear Tires and Soffseal weatherstripping to name a few.
At this point parts have been coming in on a large scale. PUI Interior is finally sending the bulk of our seat cover and door panel orders. We just received our 1969 Z28 E-70 Wide Tread Tires which are now back in stock. We have all the USA made seat foams back in stock. We have new products to mention below.

Here are some new items:

FEP-1281   Correct Sub frame bushing kit with GM part numbers embossed just like original.
FEP-1276   Correct Sub frame bushing and subframe mounting bolt kit
FEP-1277   Correct Sub frame bushing and subframe mounting bolt kit 
LIT-1465    Legends Judging Manual for 1967-1968.  This book is must for the restorer
LIT-1466    Legends Judging Manual for 1969.  This book is also a must for the restorer.
EGP-2590  Cowl Induction Kit Z/28  Complete and correct  please see photos
EGP-2591  Cowl Induction Kit 350  Complete and correct  please see photos
EGP-2592  Cowl Induction Kit 396/427  Complete and correct please see photos
EGP-2460  1967-1968 Big Block engine conversion kit  see photos
EGP-2461  1969 Big Block engine conversion kit  see photos

BDY-2033  The Monster Fastener Kit    See below:

Now for the huge Monster Fastener Kits. Please see BDY-2033. This part has complete descriptions and 20 photographs of all Nuts, Bolts, Screws, clips, grommets and other fasteners that are included in the Monster kit. Currently all 1969 Camaro kits are built in our system and listed on our website. The 1967-1968 Kits will follow and all kits will eventually show every fastener and the optional fastener kits as required with the above kits. These Monster kits will save the restorer time and the owner of the car a lot of money. If you don't need this monster kit, you can review the 2nd and 3rd photographs in the kits for a detailed laundry list of individual kits available.

Please remember all orders must be placed on our web site will receive the "Red Ticket Sale Price". 


James Edward Stubbings
President, Heartbeat City LLC



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You must place the order on the site to receive the "Red Price Ticket" Sale Price.

"Non-Discountable" parts or items are marked as such inside the enlarged part description window and are not eligible for discount.





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