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1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 302-290 HP Rally Sport Survivor

The Most Documented Original 1 Owner 1969 Camaro Z/28 RS in Existence!


1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 302-290 HP Rally Sport Survivor 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 302-290 HP Rally Sport Survivor 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 302-290 HP Rally Sport Survivor 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 302-290 HP Rally Sport Survivor


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34,252 Original one owner miles

This most unusual 1969 Camaro Z/28 was ordered while the original buyer was still serving our country in the United States Air Force.  A have a few hand written letters to his father describing what he wanted to buy and what options he wanted on the Camaro. These letters are shown in the photos along with numerous other letters to his father regarding the car and unbelievable original GM documentation. I believe every single piece of documentation available for such a purchase is present and accounted for and shown in the photographs.  Please see list below.


1.  Original bill of sale from Leson Chevrolet
2.  Original GM Protect O Plate
3.  Original GM window sticker
4.  Original GM car order sheet
5.  Original temporary tag for license plate
6.  Post card from the dealer ship with vin telling the buyer his car was built with Vin showing
7.  Original owner title from Georgia, Changed to Georgia when he moved from Louisiana to Georgia
8.  Original GM Owners Manual
9.  Original GM Sales brochure from when he purchased the car
10. Original Dealership Envelope and misc insurance paperwork

Note:  None of the documents above are facsimiles, copies, or replicas . All documentation is original, authentic, and in mint condition.

This ultra rare survivor is one of the finest Camaros I have encountered in my 32 years in this hobby. I am an avid collector of Top Notch Freshly Restored 1967-1969 Rare Camaros. This is by far the nicest original unmolested car I have ever seen. It is also the most original too!

The original buyer purchased this Camaro in late 1969 and picked it up when he got out of the Air Force around late October 1969. The Vin is over 710,000  It is very close to the final end of the model year run.

The original owner carefully maintained, and pampered his Z/28 from day one. Sometime around spring of 1971 he ordered a 350-370 HP LT1  short block from his local Chevrolet dealer and installed it himself. There was nothing wrong with the original 302 engine or anything else. He simply wanted more cubic inches and wanted to preserve the original 302 DZ short block (see photos).  Oddly enough, he removed the smog system intact and it is in flawless condition today. The smog system has never been apart. If you look carefully at the high resolution photographs, you can see the slightest patina shows.

The gentlemen also saved the original tires and wheels and put custom aluminum wheels on the car back then. He never did anything to the original wheels or tires. The same goes for that blue steering wheel that is flawless. Note: Steering wheel pebble grain finish is intact and there are zero scratches or damage. This is because he put a Grant wood steering wheel on the car and placed the original steering wheel in a towel and wrapped it and put it away. The same with the smog system mentioned above.

It is worth mentioning that every single component on this 1969 Z/28 is original and nothing has been falsified, re-stamped, defaced, or altered in any way.

When I purchased this Z/28 I wanted the original engine back in it. So I asked Scott Tieman of Supercar Specialties in Portland Michigan to assess the original engine and check everything out and rebuilt it and reassemble it and put it back in the car. Scott did a fantastic job. There are many photos showing all the
date codes and the inspection process.  Scott also rebuilt the original carburetor, replated some of the original small items and the alternator pulley, installed new plug wires, cap, rotor, and painted the engine. The radiator is the original and it was recored for safety. It is in flawless condition. The original engine is still standard bore with original pistons and pink rods and std/std 1178 crankshaft.

I asked Scott to install the original mint blue standard steering wheel, and the original Goodyear Wide Tread GT tires on the original 15x7 YH Rally wheels. This required putting tubes in the tires. Under No Circumstances should these 50 year old original tires be driven on for any reason.

The car has been completely checked out and is road ready, less the tires mentioned above. Everything works perfectly and functions as it was designed to.

This is a very rare combination for a Z/28 Rally Sport to have come from the factory with front and rear spoilers, Cowl Induction System, Dusk blue with blue interior and tinted glass.  You cannot find a nicer interior. Please review the photos. This interior is absolutely out of this world. Original GM carpet, front and rear seats, front and rear door panels, dash pad intact and fits like a glove, kick panels, headliner, steering wheel, arm rest pads and bases, dash cluster, seat belts, all original and in mint condition. Original GM vintage 1969 door sill plates. Check out the chrome on the dash cluster, it is flawless. It is hard to believe a car could survive and be preserved in such condition for 50 years. That is correct the gentleman owned the car for 50 years.


Please, if you are serious about this Camaro Z/28 and you would like to discuss, feel free to email me directly at Heartbeatcity427@aol.com

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Thank you,

James Edward Stubbings