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FOR SALE: 1970 Chevelle SS 454-450 HP LS-6 M22 4.10



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NOTE:  The GM of Canada documentation and original back seat GM build sheet are shown in the photos provided.


We are offering this Rare LS-6 Chevelle from the Heartbeat City Collection. We recently obtained an all original 3 owner LS-6 Chevelle survivor and this one can be yours if you are looking for an excellent project car with almost all parts required to complete a restoration.
Engine block: 3959512  Casting Date K-4-9  (Correctly dated)
Cylinder heads:  291 Castings  Dated I-9-9 & I-11-9
Intake manifold:  3963569  Dated Unknown (heat shield not removed)
Carburetor:  List 4557  Dated 9A3 or November 3rd week 1969 (Restored & Rebuilt)
Exhaust manifold passenger side: Casting 178  Dated J-18-9
Exhaust manifold driver's side:  Casting 879  Dated K-15-9
Distributor:  1111437 Dated  9L11
Starter motor:  1118418 Dated  9M6
Alternator:  None at this time
Ignition coil:  1115293
Voltage regulator:  1119515  Dated 9K (Restored)
Muncie transmission:  3925661  No production date NOS Case (Rebuilt & Refinished)
Muncie shifter assembly:  Original (Rebuilt & Restored, Re chromed handle)
Rear Axle:  4.10 12 Bolt Posi  Rebuilt dated CRW K 1210
Brake booster:  9391  Dated 309
Master cylinder:  5420408  D2  BB code
Power steering gear box:  349-9  349th day 1969
Radiator: XJ Code  L date code   (Rebuilt & Restored)
SS Wheels:  (4) AG code  2 dated 11-27, 2 dated 12-4
There are 110 photos and there are some parts that are included but are not photographed at the time of this listing. They will be added next week.

Parts included with car, but not shown in photos:

New pre-assembled front & rear door panels
New front & rear seat covers
New headliner & sail panels
New sunvisors
New package tray
Original front and rear seat cores
Restored dated original seat belts & shoulder belts with hardware
Restored original fuel pump with AC logo
Restored original console with new 4 speed shift plate and console door
New full one piece floor pan
New front header panel in front of hood
Extra Cowl induction hood
Complete assembly line correct exhaust system with resonators and hangers
Complete dated tinted LOF glass kit with correct logos. (last photo in wood crate)
Fuel tank sending unit
3976064 Fan blade used original
NOS Headlight surround bezels
Heater core assembly (brass)
Bucket seat knobs and buttons
Bucket seat backs and side panels
Carpet and sound deadner are in the boxes in photos
There may be some other odds and ends included that I have left out. The car is 98% complete and ready to be restored. This is a 150,000.00 car when finished. We can restored it if you would like. You can also do your own restoration and know exactly what went into the car.  
Interesting trades are welcome. Please if you want to trade something Camaro or Chevrolet, be specific and put a price.
You can email me directly at  Heartbeatcity427@aol.com
Thank you