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67 68 Camaro Chevelle Nova SB & BB Water Pump Pulley GM# 3905995


Part # EGP-1252

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Part # EGP-1252
Year 1967-1968
Application Camaro Chevelle Nova
Color See description
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Description Water pump pulley, single groove, original used GM #3905995. This pulley is correct for all small block and big block applications without A.I.R. smog or Air Conditioning. The part you receive may require stripping, cleaning and detailing for restoration purposes. NOTE: This part also requires reinforcement plate EGP-1251 for proper installation. Applications: 1962 Chevy (4 cyl) (except PS, C.A.C.), 1962 Chevy Nova (6 cyl) (except C.A.C.), 1964-1965 Chevelle (8 cyl) (except Air Cond),1967-1968 Chevelle (8 cyl) (exc Air Cond., A.I.R), 1967-1968 Camaro (except Air Cond., A.I.R., PS), 1968 Chevelle with Powerglide (except C.A.C.), 1968 Camaro Turbo Hydramatic (except C.A.C), 1968 Camaro, Chevelle, Nova (except Air Cond.), 1968 Camaro & Chevy Nova with Torque drive, 1967 Full Size Chevrolet (exc Air Cond., A.I.R. P/S), 1968 Camaro Chevelle Chevy II Nova Full Size Chevrolet with Turbo 350 (exc. Air Cond.), 1968 Camaro & Chevy II Nova w/Torque Drive, 1955-1956 Corvette 8 cyl, 1957 Corvette 8 cyl (exc. dual 4/BC, AC, F.I.), 1966 Corvette 327 (exc. Special High Performance, AC, A.I.R.), 1967 Corvette 327 (exc. Special High Performance, AC, A.I.R.).
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